Three Ways to Make Interior Design Sustainable in Fort Lauderdale FL

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Interior Design Studio

The desire to make more aspects of life sustainable can be found in food, clothing and travel trends. But by looking at the interior decoration in Fort Lauderdale FL companies provide, it becomes apparent that the interior design industry is also concerned with sustainability. These three tips reveal easy ways to keep any design project environmentally friendly.

Show Concern About the Origin of the Materials

When choosing products to fill a space within a home or building, the first step is to ask yourself, “Where did these products come from?” Choosing furniture and other interior pieces which where produced in a sustainable manner instantly makes your interior design more friendly to the environment.

Consider the Heating and Cooling Factor

A major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is the consumer use of heating and cooling products. Fortunately, sustainable interior design allows you to design spaces that decrease these emissions by increasing the efficiency of the spaces’ ability to stay at an even temperature. Carpets keep heat in, while having the right window shades can allow the owner to easily open and shut windows on hotter days.

Incorporate Environmentally Friendly Lighting

While lighting can be a significantly un-sustainable source of energy, a knowledgeable interior designer can change that. Incorporating skylights, using LEDs and compact lights, and clever use of windows can all decrease the drain that lighting can have on the environment. By looking at the availability of natural light, interior decoration in Fort Lauderdale FL companies can easily increase the sustainability of their projects.

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