Three Lesser-Known Benefits Of Installing A Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tile floors are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their durability, wide color selection, and pleasing appearance. In addition to these features, ceramic tile has many other benefits that many homeowners don’t know about. Read the following information to learn three lesser-known benefits of installing Ceramic Tile in the home.

Long Lasting Flooring Material

Homeowners who have ceramic tile installed as their flooring choice can expect this material to last a minimum of 20 years. Individuals can add more years to the lifespans of their ceramic tile floors by keeping them well maintained. This flooring material lasts a long time because it has a hard surface that can stand up to high traffic areas. In addition, water and moisture cannot penetrate this flooring material, further adding to its longevity.

Install Indoors and Outdoors

Because of the durability of ceramic tile, it can be installed in any room of the home including basements that are below grade level. Because of its resistance to moisture and wetness, individuals often choose ceramic tile for their bathrooms and kitchens. Many homeowners don’t know this, but they can also hire a professional to install Ceramic Tile on their outside patio because rain, snow, and frost won’t damage the tiles.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

When cleaning ceramic tile, homeowners should use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove daily dust and dirt from the floor. If there’s a spill on the floor, individuals can easily wipe it up using a cleaning rag that’s moistened with water. For weekly cleanings, homeowners can use a regular mop and a cleaner that’s recommended for ceramic floor tiles. Periodically, homeowners may want to apply a grout sealer to the grout lines if the tile is installed in areas that are subjected to spills. A sealer prevents discoloration of the grout if a colored liquid spills into the grout lines. The sealer prevents the liquid from soaking through the porous grout.

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