Three Common Problems That Require Glass Replacement Services In Reno

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Door & Window

Glass can be a beautiful addition to a home or storefront and allows sunlight to flow in unimpeded while protecting from the elements. Unfortunately, glass can break, either due to physical exertion or age. While some issues can be repaired, some require Glass Replacement Services in Reno to ensure the glass is providing adequate protection. The following are just a few of the many issues that should be addressed by a professional glass company that can perform quality replacement services.

Fogged Windows

Most newer windows are composed of two pieces of glass, which enables the manufacturer to fabricate windows that provide UV protection and resist temperature changes through the use of a gas product that is inserted between the panes. If the seal of the windows becomes damaged, it can cause the windows to fog due to a presence of moisture. There is not a way to replace the seal, so the windows will need to be replaced to ensure they protect from UV rays and temperature shifts.

Cracked glass

Windows that are cracked may not seem like a major worry, but the slightest amount of pressure can cause the crack to expand and cause the glass to break unexpectedly. A company that provides Glass Replacement Services in Reno will be able to remove the cracked glass and replace it with a new glass pane in as little as a few hours, which can eliminate a safety hazard without preventing a business from remaining operational.

Busted Glass

Any glass that is completely busted should be replaced as soon as possible, as any remaining glass shards that may be present in the frame can cause severe injury. A glass company will be able to inspect the frame for damage and determine if it needs to be replaced before installing the new glass pane. They can also remove any shards until the replacement glass arrives, and can cover the windows with a temporary wooden partition.

Glass can be an excellent way to give a building a sleek and modern look but should be inspected if it breaks. The team at Capital Glass Inc. can help and offer commercial and residential replacement services. Contact them at the first sign of trouble, and ensure a window is replaced as soon as possible.

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