The Advantages Of Living On A Sloping Property

by | May 20, 2019 | Fences and Fencing

Homes built on sloping property look majestic. They give people the impression of being able to see forever. That’s only one of the advantages to living high up on a high sloping property. It attracts the most home buyers, though.

The View

The majority of homeowners see a sunset around the roof of neighbors. Brick walls and high fences prevent most homeowners from enjoying woodland views. Remembering these, buyers love seeing houses on a high slope.

Natural Light

Since most have few neighbors, homeowners can enjoy walls of windows letting in natural light. The health benefits of natural light are many, but few houses are built with banks of windows.


Homes built on high slopes tend not to have neighbors pressing up against them. The lots tend to be larger. The often are planted with trees and shrubs to insure some measure of privacy.


In an effort to prevent soil from washing down the slope to cause landslides and flooding, trees and shrubs are usually planted. The tall grassy plants, flowering shrubs, and brightly colored flowers usually found on sloping properties are stunningly beautiful.


There’s a reason burglaries occur in single family neighborhoods. It’s too difficult to get into apartment or condo complexes. It’s a step further to try to get into an impregnable house built on a tall slope. That means the dog can be a pet instead of a watchdog.

A wood retaining wall Rockville MD does more than just keep soil from sliding downhill. They can be planted with beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers. They can be used as an outdoor room with tables and chairs for viewing those sunsets.

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