Steps For Ants Control Services In Alexandria, VA

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Pest Control

In Virginia, extermination teams provide professional pest control services for all property owners. The services include the elimination of several ant species that could invade the home at any time. The ants will bite property owners and cause itchy skin. Some ants will produce serious property damage as well. A local exterminator provides Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA to eliminate the pests right now.

Distributing Insecticides in and Around the Home

The professional extermination services distribute insecticides inside and outside the property. The chemicals used depend on the species of ants that have infested the property. The exterminators will distribute the insecticides in all areas where ants are found and likely to travel in or out of the property.

Drying Up Water

All water sources must be managed properly. The most common areas where ants seek water are around the sinks and bathtubs. It is recommended that homeowners dry up the water promptly to discourage ants from seeking water in these areas. The owner should also dry up water around their pet’s food or water bowls.

Removing Common Food Sources

All food must be stored in plastic containers. Any foods that are opened should be placed in containers or resealable plastic bags. Pet foods and any foods that are used each day must be stored where ants cannot reach them. The property owner must also remove garbage and leftover foods from their home often. By cutting off the food sources, ants won’t enter the property as frequently.

Sealing Off Access Points

Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA include identifying and sealing any access points for ants. The windows and doors are inspected for possible compromises. All seals around the windows and doors are replaced if they are damaged. Any baseboards or flooring that offers access is also addressed promptly.

In Virginia, extermination teams provide a variety of services to prevent property damage and eliminate pests right now. Ants are among the pests managed by local pest control teams. The insects invade properties quickly searching for food sources. Property owners who need to schedule Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA can contact Pest Management Services in Alexandria VA now for more details.

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