Some of the Options Available in Basement Windows in Lawrence Kansas

Whether a new construction or replacing Basement Windows in Lawrence Kansas the choices are numerous but often come down to the following types: casement, hopper, double-hung, and sliding windows.

  • Casement -; These are the perfect type of windows for basement windows as they afford strong construction and energy savings while providing an excellent source of ventilation and natural light. Casement windows are single pane windows connected to a frame by hinges. Casement windows crank inward and open 180 degrees offering exceptional ventilation.
  • Hopper -; Considered by many to be the standard basement window type. This type of window hinges at the bottom and opens by tilting inward from the top. If these windows have screens, they will be installed on the outside of the frame. Even though this is the least expensive type of window to use, it generally has the widest choice of sizes.
  • Double-hung -; Although not as energy efficient as other window types, they are easy to clean and to open. Both panes (sashes) slide up and down offering maximum ventilation.
  • Sliding -; As the name suggests, sliding windows open and close from side to side. These are excellent choice windows when there is limited room for a window to swing open. If a screen is used, it may be mounted either inside or outside of the window frame.

When considering Basement Windows in Lawrence Kansas for living areas the homeowner needs to make sure the meet the International Residential Code (IRC) for egress. To meet the requirements the window has to be big enough to allow a first responder to enter and exit. If a basement is being used as extra living space then the egress windows must be at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches high. The window’s sill height must be within 44 inches of the floor, allowing for easy egress.

Other options available through website that are often used in combination with the windows are window wells and window bubbles. Window wells extend out from the basement window. It serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose in that it can provide an emergency escape route. Window bubbles are plastic or vinyl dome-shaped covers that fit over the window well. It also helps insulate the window and protect it from animals, dirt, rain, and snow. Best of all, they help prevent injuries from accidental falls into the into the window well.

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