Resin Poured Flooring in New York for Rental Apartments and Houses

Poured Flooring in New York is an option for old apartments that need a facelift. The building owner may want to convert these spaces into higher-end living areas, and epoxy flooring is an affordable option that produces remarkable results. Tenants appreciate the aesthetic appeal and the ease of maintenance.

Apartments, Duplexes and Rental Houses

Apartments as well as old rental houses in the boroughs also benefit from this type of attention by an organization such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. Side-by-side duplexes are common in this region, and they can be given new life with resin flooring. In addition, a garage that’s never used for vehicles might be converted to a guesthouse with epoxy floors. This is a convenient way to provide guests with their own space and privacy.

Advantages of Resin Poured Flooring

This resin Poured Flooring in New York is strong and durable. It’s resistant to all sorts of liquids and food substances that can stain or otherwise damage other flooring materials. That makes it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. A tough top layer prevents wear that could occur from furniture being moved, high heels, and dog nails. Accidentally dropping a heavy pan on the floor won’t leave a mark.

The lack of seams makes it particularly easy to keep looking completely clean and brand new. It’s very hygienic, as food particles can’t get caught in the tiny gaps that are present in seamed floors. All that’s required for cleaning is routine sweeping and occasional wet-mopping.

Epoxy Flooring Appearance

The material can have a high shine or a matte look. It can be one color or a blend, and elements can be included for a textured and patterned appearance. If the building owner is unsure what types of designs are best for residential settings, consulting an interior designer might be advisable. Many people are mainly familiar with epoxy from its sleek, shiny appearance in car dealerships. That’s not necessary the look most men and women want in a rental home. The color can be custom-made to be complementary to the other permanent fixtures in the home, such as cabinetry and wall paint. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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