Replacing Clay Tiles After Storm Damage Has Occurred

If hail has destroyed a couple clay tiles on a home’s rooftop, the damaged roofing materials can be removed and replaced by completing the instructions below. Once repairs have been made, a home will retain its value and leaks inside of a residence will not become an issue.


  • ladder
  • safety harness and goggles
  • hammer with claw
  • putty knife
  • garden sprayer
  • detergent
  • bleach
  • water
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • clay tiles
  • adhesive
  • foam brush
  • roofing nails
  • power nail gun

Removing Damaged Tiles And Dry Adhesive

A ladder needs to be set up on a level surface that is next to the parts on the roof that contain damaged tiles. A safety harness and goggles should be worn to prevent serious injuries. A hammer’s claw can be used to loosen and remove roofing nails that are secured to tiles that are going to be replaced. Afterwards, a putty knife can be used to pry each tile loose. A cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing a small amount of detergent and bleach with water.

Once the components are well-blended, a garden sprayer’s tank needs to be filled with them. A sprayer can be used to administer an even amount of a cleaning agent to roofing surfaces that are covered with dried adhesive. After a cleaning solution soaks into adhesive for a few minutes, it can be removed by moving a brush briskly back and forth over each spot that contains adhesive. Afterwards, residue can be removed from a roof’s surface with a water hose.

Installing New Tiles

A foam brush is a tool that can be used to apply an even coat of roofing adhesive to the back of each new clay tile that will be installed. Tiles need to be lined up with the ones surrounding them. A power nail gun can be used to secure roofing nails to the corners of each replacement tile. Once adhesive has dried, tiles will not shift and will provide a structure with protection from leaks. If Storm Damage ever occurs in the future that can not be repaired with basic steps, or a similar company can assist. Storm Damage that occurs to a residential or business structure can be handled by a roofing specialist.

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