Refurbishing Patio Furniture Can Save You Money

by | May 5, 2016 | Home Improvement

While it is always nice to buy new furniture for your outdoor patio or deck, you can also make the most of the furniture that you already possess. Companies that sell outdoor furnishings may also include refurbishing services. In fact, refurbishing patio furniture is often advised if you want to upgrade the looks of your patio without having to invest a large amount of effort and expense.

Rehabbing Furniture: An Economical Way to Upgrade your Patio or Deck

Refurbishing patio furniture is one way to keep your decorating costs low and still enjoy the ambience of your patio’s décor. The idea that you can bring worn and used furniture back to life is indeed intriguing, especially when your budget is limited. Specialists in refurbishment use such methods as re-strapping, re-slinging, powder coating and cushion replacement to transform the looks of outdoor pieces. Rehabbed furniture can look just as vibrant and inviting as new outdoor furnishings.

Re-slinging Your Furniture

One of the major tasks associated with outdoor furniture refurbishment is re-slinging. Refurbishing companies offer sling fabric replacement to repair tattered, damaged or worn sling fabrics on patio and pool furniture. Customers can select from a broad range of durable and contemporary sling materials, custom made to specification.

Vinyl Re-strapping

Companies that offer refurbishing services also replace vinyl straps on patio furniture or furniture made for commercial pool areas. Deteriorated, damaged and worn vinyl straps are replaced on various styles of furniture. Custom vinyl straps, just like slings, come in a variety of colors and are designed specifically to a customer’s requirements and standards.

Keep Your Furniture Stored

It is good to know a company that will refurbish your furniture, as outdoor furniture is made from a number of frame materials and fabrics. Furniture that is exposed to the elements, regardless of the materials, however, can, over time, get damaged or worn. If the furniture is not routinely stored during cold weather, then the chance for damage or replacement increases as well.

One of the lower maintenance materials used for patio furniture is aluminum. The material does not fade or rust and is available in various colors, featuring a powder-coated finish for extra durability. Mineral oil or a car wash is often used to protect this type of surface. Washing the furniture with soapy water and rinsing it will keep it looking its best as well. Even if you have this type of piece refurbished, this method of cleaning will help you maintain the repaired furniture’s appearance.

Regardless of the material chosen or its current design, refurbishing patio furniture is one process that is not only economical, but will make it possible for you to enhance your outdoor space so you can enjoy it just that much more.

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