Questions to Ask the Contractor Before Window Repair in O’Fallon MO

Replacing a home’s windows is a big decision, and most homeowners only do it once. Good windows can last upwards of 20 years, and depending on how long the owner lives in the home, they may never need replacement. However, when a customer decides to replace their outdated or leaky windows, it is time to find reliable Window Repair in O’Fallon MO. To make the search as smooth as possible, customers should ask potential providers the following questions during the interview process.

What is the Cost of the Job?

After evaluating the work to be done, the customer will get a firm quote that includes everything for which they will be charged, such as removal and disposal of old windows. By having a solid estimate, a customer can easily budget for the cost of repairs and compare quotes from different companies.

Is the Company Insured?

At the very least, a window contractor should carry liability insurance to protect the customer in the event of an accident. Insurance coverage can be verified when the customer asks for copies of the contractor’s insurance certificates. There are many reasons for a contractor not to have insurance, and it’s up to the customer to decide if it’s worthwhile to work with an uninsured company.

How Long Does the Process Take

A work schedule and completion deadline is a good thing for a client to have. In most instances, contractors have to order new windows; therefore, completion dates and scheduling may be a primary factor when choosing a company for Window Repair in O’Fallon MO.

Are There References Available?

Most people know that businesses grow through referrals. Asking a contractor for references is a crucial step in choosing a window repair company. Customers should call references and ask them how satisfied they were with the company and its services. In some cases, a contractor may invite potential customers to inspect previous work.

When a homeowner hires a window installer such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc, they should do some research before making a decision. Window replacement and repair are significant investments, and customers should not rush through the contractor selection process. By asking these questions and considering the answers, clients can get quality work at a reasonable price.

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