Questions to ask house cleaning services

Cleaning services in NYC are no longer seen as a luxury, today, getting someone in to clean the house is a true necessity. There are different approaches that can be taken, you can direct hire an individual or you can arrange to have the work done by employees of a professional cleaning company. When you turn the responsibility of maintaining your home over to a cleaning service, the time they spend cleaning your home is the extra time that you have to devote to yourself and your family.

Do your homework first:

There are pros and cons to both private hires and a cleaning company, however, when you use a cleaning service there will always be someone there on schedule, if a private hire does not show up you are going to be faced with doing the work yourself or living in an untidy home.

It is perfectly normal for anyone to be concerned about letting someone into their home when they are out at work. As it is the accepted norm to employ cleaning services in NYC don’t hesitate to ask around. Neighbors, people you work with and family members may already have a responsible service provider. Once you get a few recommendations ask a representative to visit you in your home but before they arrive make sure you have a list of the services you want, the frequency of service and any special instructions that are unique to you.

Ask the right questions:

There are a number of important questions that you need answered:

  •   Background check: This is extremely important, a thorough check will ensure that the person coming into your home is honest and trustworthy and dedicated to performing their job well. You should also find out if the same cleaner will come every time.
  •   Who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment? Most cleaning companies provide everything that is required to do the job but there are those that provide the equipment and rely on you to provide the cleaning supplies. If you prefer that the company use environmentally friendly cleaning products make the request beforehand.
  •   Insurance and bonding: professional cleaning services in NYC will carry liability insurance as well as workers comp and bond their employees. The company should be responsible for any damage or breakage caused by their employee.
  •  Services included: If you prefer to do the daily chores like making the beds, etc and have the cleaning services in NYC look after the rest, discuss this in advance as it will reflect in the price.

With answers to these questions and an estimate of how long the task will take, you will be able to arrange a price based on the size of your home and how frequently you need the service.

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