Pros And Cons Of Keyless Entry Systems

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Locksmith

Homeowners want to keep their homes safe, but don’t always want to worry about the risk of accidentally being locked out of their own home. For this reason, some people are turning to Keyless Entry Systems. There are a number of pros and cons to doing so that should be considered before taking any action.

Eliminates Need for Keys

The obvious advantage to this type of system is that you know longer need to worry about remembering to carry a key with you whenever you leave. There’s also no need to risk a burglar entering your house after finding the key you hid outside for those times when you do accidentally forget your key. Service people will also no longer need to have you either give them keys or be home to let them in. This can make things a lot more convenient for people.

Record of People Entering the Home

Most Keyless Entry Systems also keep track of just when people enter the home, which can be convenient to know sometimes. This can be particularly helpful with systems that allow you to set a temporary code for other people to use, as you can tell exactly when those non-family members were in the home. Did the person actually come when they said to walk the dog? When exactly did your teenager get home from their date? This type of info can be available.

Power Failure Considerations

This type of keyless system functions on electricity, meaning that during a power failure the door may not be able to be locked or unlocked. Usually, they have some type of battery backup, but make sure what type of system is in place before buying the lock

Passcode Considerations

If you forget the passcode, you could be in the same situation as if you forget your key. Many systems are programmed to contact the authorities if you try the wrong code too many times in a row. This could get embarrassing. Likewise, it may be possible for a burglar to guess the code or somehow hack the system to gain entry into the home.

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