Properly Cleaning A Steam Door in Lancaster CA

When a hotel has a Steam Door in Lancaster CA to keep their sauna area enclosed, caring for it properly will most likely be a concern. There are a few maintenance steps hotel staff members can take in keeping this door in a clean and usable state. Here are some tips they can use, so the door to this area remains aesthetically pleasing for those who use it.

Take Time To Clean The Door Daily

Since the glass on the interior side of the steam door will become foggy due to the humidity level in the sauna, cleaning is necessary often. This can be done at times the sauna is not in use. A glass cleaner made especially for this type of door should be used. It can be sprayed to the glass and then wiped off using a squeegee. This will ensure there are no marks left behind after the cleaning is completed.

Deep Clean The Door Weekly

It is a good idea to give the steam door a thorough cleaning each week to keep it in the best-looking condition. While the daily cleaning will remove fingerprints and light debris, a more intensive cleaning will remove any hard water deposits that may have crusted upon the glass pane. This can be done with a solution of vinegar and water. The solution can be heated before placing it in a spray bottle. This will help in softening any grime present upon the door. Again, a squeegee can be used to remove the moisture from the glass pane.

Polish The Door Yearly

In time the glass may not appear as smooth as it did when the steam door was installed. This can be remedied by using a car wax upon the glass. This can be polished over the pane in a circular motion to ensure it makes its way into the porous areas of the pane. Afterward, the glass can be buffed with a clean piece of microfiber cloth.

If someone is interested in finding out how to take care of a Steam Door in Lancaster CA, or if they are in need of a new installation, a call to a reputable glass company is the best way to find answers. Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company to find out more today.

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