Painting Contractors in Richmond, Virginia: Bring New Color to Your Home

Any time of the year is perfect for pepping up a home, and numerous reports from the construction and remodeling industry insist a fresh coat of paint may just do the trick. Thousands of interior colors are now available, and if you can’t find one to suit your needs, custom variations can be blended accordingly. At present, certain hues are taking over in terms of popularity while others are rapidly fading into the background.

White Gets a Makeover

Nothing screams cleanliness quite like white paint; of course, nothing is more difficult to maintain, either. For this reason and plenty of others, stark white is on its way out the door. Countless slightly offset variations are coming to light, ranging from subtle brown and gold tints to blue and green ones, but the basic version has lost its luster.

Pewter Broadens Its Horizons

This particular finish has long been a favorite for door knobs, drawer pulls and kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but it’s quickly spreading to new realms. With its grayish tinge and light hints of beige, this color offers an endless array of possibilities. It works in virtually any room while melding well with almost any decorative theme and color scheme. Along those same lines, if you decide to change your decor or furniture after covering the walls with this color, there’s a good chance you won’t need to repaint.

Gray Gains Steam

Not to be confused with pewter, gray and its bluish undertones are spreading through homes across the nation. With so many variations now on the market, it’s one of the most flexible and versatile choices available. Gray holds its own with a wide range of other colors, so the decorative possibilities hold no bounds. Painting Contractors in Richmond Virginia are certainly brightening up homes with this once-gloomy color.

In addition to these basic alternatives, homeowners are using bold pops of color as accents with mustard, dark green, brown and other options making appearances in places where they need to break up the monotony. Having said all that, an endless lineup of colors is at your disposal, and the choice is ultimately yours. Let The Carpentry & Painting Experts bring those possibilities to life in your home.

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