Owners Can Find Property Maintenance In Fairfield, CT

Home and business owners can find landscape companies that offer Property Maintenance in Fairfield CT. Companies such as Giglio Landscape Services LLC will design and install new landscapes, add to or correct defects in existing landscape designs, or maintain existing property landscapes. They can perform full-service property maintenance, spring and fall cleanup, storm damage cleanup, lawn care, and more. They can perform lawn renovation, lawn aeration, and other services.

Improving The Lawn

Not every property owner wants an entirely new landscape design. Many property owners are happy with their landscape for the most part. But, they may want a healthier, greener lawn. Renovating the lawn may involve improving the drainage, putting in a better irrigation system, replacing the sod, aerating, getting rid of weeds, and other tasks. Some property owners may want to add a hedge or fence for privacy. Other property owners want to add some hardscaping such as stone walls, concrete pathways, patios, or outdoor kitchens.

While a simple lawn with healthy grass is great for some property owners, others want to add flower gardens with borders. People might want to add a water feature or a few trees. Some lots back up to hillsides that present landscaping challenges. Terracing that hillside will add beauty and stability to the landscape. A landscape expert can meet with the property owner to plan landscape changes and pricing.

Help With Maintenance

Many property owners need help with Property Maintenance in Fairfield CT. Commercial property owners may not be able to maintain the landscaping on all of their properties personally. They need to hire a landscape maintenance company to provide full-service property maintenance. The customer can decide how often the company visits each property and which tasks they perform. Lawn mowing and spring and fall cleanup may be all that is required. Storm damage cleanup can be performed as needed.

Homeowners may love flower gardens as well as beautiful hedges and trees but need help maintaining them. They have a choice of plans for yard maintenance. Some homeowners want a service coming periodically to mow and aerate the lawn and care for flower gardens. Others want to do most of the work themselves with help after storms and in the spring and fall. For more information, go to the website.

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