Low VOC Wallpaper Provides Ease Of Mind And Improved Health

Wallpaper gives homes a classy and elegant look that lasts much longer than traditional paint. Many interior designers and home remodelers use wallpaper for all of their transformations. Wallpaper comes is an astonishing array of colors, fabrics and patterns. Unfortunately, some traditional vinyl wallpapers leak a substance known as VOC which can be harmful to the health of those who live in close proximity to the wallpaper. For this reason many people have begun searching for low VOC wallpaper to use when they decorate and remodel their homes.

What Are VOCs?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are organic chemicals that contain high vapor pressure during at normal room temperatures. This means that they have a low boiling point which can cause many of the molecules to evaporate from their liquid form and enter into the air. This is known as volatility. While VOCs from wallpaper are not toxic in small quantities over time they can result in long term health problems and cause people to have difficulty breathing.

Other Concerns With VOCs

One of the main concerns with VOCs from vinyl wallpaper is that it has been known to promote and harbor the growth of mold. The offending culprit lies in the pre-pasted type of wallpaper that was so popular for many years past. Mold growing behind your wallpaper can lead to many respiratory issues and some serious health problems. People that have breathing issues such as asthma may even be able to notice the mold as soon as they enter a room without knowing what the cause is. It can cause shortness of breath, headaches, nausea and vertigo.

Finding Low VOC Wallpaper

Since people have begun to understand the nature of the VOC in wallpaper there has been a push to get healthier options out on the market. Wallpaper that has a low incident of VOC is more environmentally friendly and helps the homeowners feel more secure and confidant about their decorating selections. The wallpaper and the paste are both healthier options for people to use in their homes. This will not only improve the quality of life for the homeowner but it is also a good selling point in the future to have eco-friendly homes that will not harm the environment or the inhabitants of the home.

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