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by | Jan 14, 2016 | Pest Control

To succeed, a hotel needs to have a good reputation. If pests lurk on the property, however, they can make a hotel look bad. Should any creatures start causing problems, get rid of them fast with professional Hotel Pest Removal in St. Paul.

Tiny Pests

Termites are one of the most dreaded pests because of the damage they can do. With their appetite for wood, termites may cost a property owner a lot of money if they are not caught and dealt with fast. This is especially true for a hotel, which has, even more, places for these insects to attack than a home, so if any wood seems to be damaged by termites, get it examined quickly. Ants may not cause widespread damage like termites, but they can still make a lot of trouble. They live in large colonies and can squeeze through tiny cracks to get into buildings. Dark lines of ants that are walking around inside or outside of a hotel may make guests uncomfortable. These tiny insects may especially be drawn to bathrooms where they can get water.

Other Insects

Few pests are as potentially harmful to a hotel’s reputation as bed bugs. They like to take up residence in beds and wait for a person to lie down. Then they will bite their victim. Bed bugs may also be found in other parts of a room in addition to the bed, such as hiding under furniture. One insect that is not as commonly recognized as a potential pest at hotels is the wasp. If wasps build a hive near a hotel or inside of it, guests are at risk of being stung. A less serious but still troublesome invader is the cockroach. Roaches can contaminate food and may even crawl on people.

Rodents and Birds

Rodents such as rats and mice sometimes get into hotels, but another problem they cause may not be thought of as often. They may build nests outdoors near dumpsters or trash cans that they can raid for food. A flock of birds may also move in on a hotel’s property, and their droppings can make a mess.

Whenever there’s a need for Hotel Pest Removal in St. Paul, get help from the experts. Visit Be-there4you.com to learn more about dealing with pests.

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