Lawn Care Services In Wellington Florida Will Eliminate All Of The Pesky Insects

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Pest Control

It has highly recommended that a property management, a home or business owner stops pests in their tracks before they destroy the landscaping or lawn. Reducing the amount of amount of damaging insects with Lawn Care Services in Wellington Florida, will keep the area around a home or business looking its best. Early detection, treatment, or prevention can reduce the need for a complete replacement of the landscaping around a home or business.

In addition to removing pests, a lawn care service can perform fertilization, weed control, root feeding, fungus control, and whitefly elimination. Other insects that can affect enjoying a beautiful lawn are fire ants, chinch bugs, grubs, fall army worms, and many others. Regular treatment of a lawn and the landscaping will eliminate the chance for these insects to damage to a lawn.

Sod web Worms

Sod web worms grown to be about three-quarters of an inch and are a moth caterpillar. These worms are active during the spring and fall months, and they live in grasses, ornamental turfs, shrubs, and golf courses. Chewed grass blades and brown spots in the yard are the first things an individual might notice when these worms are present and can quickly destroy the entire lawn within a few days if Lawn Care Services in Wellington Florida aren’t performed.


Grubs can grow up to two inches long and are creamy white. These insects are a year-round problem and will infest grass causing it to thin, turn yellow and eventually die. The areas where the grubs are feeding will feel soft and spongy.


Another reason to have Lawn Care Services in Wellington Florida performed is moles. When a yard has a grub problem, moles will begin to burrow through the lawn eating the grubs. Grubs are a mole’s main food supply.

Moles will create molehills, which destroy the lawn and damage the roots of plants. In certain situations, a mole can cause the death of a plant.

Keeping your lawn free of insects is the only way to keep it looking healthy. Maintenance plans will eliminate major infestations from happening and costing you thousands of dollars to replace. A pest control program can be developed by Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida that is tailored to your specific needs.

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