Keeping Stink Bugs Under Control

Ewww, stink bugs. Although they won’t harm you or your family, stink bugs are serious pests because of the way they proliferate and because of their namesake smell. Whenever you try and smush one yourself, the bug releases its characteristic aroma, which may even summon other bugs in the area and make the problem worse. Stink bugs can also wreak havoc on your garden, as they have been a known agricultural pest made worse by the fact that they are not a native species in New Jersey. To keep stink bugs under control, the best thing to do is hire a professional who can get rid of them thoroughly. Professional treatments involve a multi-stage process that is in most cases of infestation the only way to control stink bugs.

Stink bugs do overwinter, so one of the problems people have is that they don’t know the problem exists until it is too late. Come May, the stink bugs re-emerge to mate and lay eggs for the coming year. By the time the eggs start to molt in July, the colony has already taken root in your home and garden. You might not even see the new adults until late summer or early fall and by then you could be facing a problem because the new breed of adults tends to be active in homes all fall and until they start to overwinter around December.

Unfortunately, once stink bugs set into your home, they will not want to leave and because colonies are so large, numbering in the thousands, you need professional intervention that can take some time. There are multi-stage processes of interventions like the Viking 3 Step Protection service. The service can help you control the stink bug problem, with results that will last.

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