How to Get Rid of the Mouse in Your House

Mice may be cute to keep as pets, but if they’re unwanted guests in your home traveling through your walls and disrupting your life, you’ll want to get rid of them. Mice can be extremely damaging to your home: they burrow into insulation for nesting material, they can gnaw on the structural supports of your house, and their feces can become extra clean-up for you. While calling a Sacramento mice control company is essential if you want expert support to get rid of the problem, there are a few things you can do at home to prevent mice before they become a major problem.

Seal up possible entry points
You want to try to try to prevent mice from being able to get into your house in the first place by scoping out possible entry points for the mice. Mice are relatively small, and a good way to know if a mouse can fit into a space is to stick a pencil in it. If the pencil can fit in the crack or hole, remarkably, so can the mouse.

Use multiple traps
Mice look similar, so what you think is one mouse might be a colony of mice. Even if you only have one mouse, it might be clever or lucky and avoid a couple traps. You want to use a lot of traps and a lot of different kinds of traps. There are snap traps, live capture traps, poison traps, and glue traps. Several different traps will be harder for the mouse to avoid and increase your chances of catching your pests.

Set traps where they sleep
Be sure not to set traps just anywhere, as it could start to affect your daily life. Try to find where the mice are coming from and set traps there. If you saw the mouse on your kitchen floor, you don’t want to put it in the spot you saw it, or you might step on the trap. You need to hide the traps so you can keep yourself and family safe, while increasing your chances of catching the mouse.

If you’ve exhausted your resources and are still unable to catch the mouse or mice in your home, it may be time to contact a pest control service. If you’re looking for a Sacramento mice control service, APEX Pest Control will help with the rest. You shouldn’t have to live with mice infesting your home, so make sure you take the proper steps to ensure the safety of your family, yourself, and your house.

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