How Commercial Tree Services in Fort Myers FL can Help the Business Landscape

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

Many businesses have trees as part of their landscape. Trees serve as a protection, a shady oasis on a hot summer day, and offer beauty to the landscape. They are also responsible for producing oxygen for humans and wildlife, as well as maintaining the earth’s atmosphere. Trees need to be properly cared for in order to help them stay strong and healthy.

Caring for a Tree

After planting a new tree, there are many steps that may be taken in order to properly care for it. Following is a list of a few beneficial tips for caring for the newly planted tree.

  • Water. A newly planted tree is under an enormous amount of stress due to its new environment. Making sure to properly water the tree is essential for bringing oxygen and moisture to the roots.
  • Mulch. Mulch helps trees maintain moisture, control the soil temperature and keep away weeds.
  • Pruning. It is important to prune away any minor branch defects when planted after the first year. Many
  • Commercial Tree Services in Fort Myers FL
  • offer proper pruning as part of their services. Improper pruning can limit the tree’s growth potential for the next year.

Signs A Professional Tree Service Company is Needed

There may come a time for when a business will need to contact Commercial Tree Services in Fort Myers FL. Listed below are signs to look for.

  • Branches are too long or hang too low. Low hanging branches make it difficult to walk underneath and limit the amount of shade provided. Too long of branches may be responsible for scratches to the building, and vehicles, as well as hitting power and phone lines.
  • The tree is an odd shape. It is important to contact a professional service to shape the tree. If the tree is not shaped properly, it can become unhealthy and lead to permanent damage.
  • There are dead branches. Untreated branches are likely to cause disease and infestation to both the tree and the ground beneath it. Diseases can also spread to the surrounding trees. Contact a professional as soon as a dead branch is detected.

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Planting and maintaining trees keep the earth’s atmosphere healthy and provide enjoyment and protection for yards and various landscapes. For more information or tips on caring for your tree, Visit Us today.

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