Home Roofing Services Include Rubber Roofing Installations

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Roofing

A rubber roof, also known as an EPDM roof in the roofing trade, has a lot of benefits for homeowners and businesses. One of the major benefits is the price. Although a property owner needs to use a licensed installer to lay down the roofing, the expense of the job compares favorably to other roofing materials. Installation is made simpler too, as the roof product is lightweight, thereby reducing installation and labor costs. The material is glued, eliminating the need to use heat as well.

A UV-resistant Roofing Material

As a result, companies that feature home roofing services often recommend this roofing product. In addition, rubber is long-lasting. Most of the roofs are laid in one piece, which means you usually will not see seams. When a roof has few or no seams, it also means there is less chance for water seepage. Additionally, EPDM roofs are UV-resistant, which means a rubber roof can last, on average, 50 years.

Experts in home roofing services state that rubber roofs withstand high winds and hail as well. If the roof ever does spring a leak, the repair is quick, easy, and very inexpensive. In order to fix a leak, the roofer usually just uses liquid rubber. He may use a specially made tape for repairing the roof instead.

Almost Maintenance-free

Another draw to installing a rubber roof is the maintenance. According to providers of home roofing services, rubber needs little, if any, care. The most work a property owner may want to do is to paint the roof with an acrylic paint about every 10 years.

Today, a roof made of rubber is a “green” installation. The material, which requires less energy use than other roofing materials, is often made of recycled materials. Plus, the roof can be recycled at the conclusion of its long life. Rubber roofs, which are fire-resistant too, are one of the featured roofs on such sites as Website Domain. EPDM roofs reflect the sun’s heat, which also saves building owners on cooling costs in the summer.

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