Having A Glass Company In Montgomery IL Repair A Cracked Pane

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Business

When someone has a window with a crack in the pane, they will most likely have a glass company in Montgomery IL come to their home to repair it properly. The company will take a look at the damage and decide if the crack can be filled with resin or if a replacement should be done. A smaller crack can be filled in with resin as it will increase the stability of the pane. In most cases, however, it is a better idea to place a new piece of glass in the pane.

If the glass is to be replaced, the service will tap the broken glass from the frame. They will then clean the frame’s edge in its entirety, so there are no slivers left behind. The glass company will have a new pane cut to fit the enclosure. They will place this using glass putty to secure it into place.

Failing to fix a glass pane can lead to injury, so it is important to tend to it as soon as a crack is noticed. Avoid using the window or door until the glass can be assessed by a professional to help reduce the chance of the glass breaking. Placing painter’s tape over the crack can help keep it from lengthening in size while waiting for a professional to do an evaluation.

If the company decides resin can fix the glass, they will apply it to the crack with a small applicator. This will harden into place, sealing the crack, so it is no longer noticeable. This will prolong the life of the glass until it can be replaced with a new pane.

Finding the right business to fill in or replace a crack is important, so the window does not become broken due to improper practices. If someone needs a glass company in Montgomery IL to take a look at a window in their home, they can call a reliable service in the area. Contact Glasshopper Schor Glass find out more about the procedures done to fix broken glass and to make an appointment for an evaluation if desired.

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