Gutter Repair and Adjustment Prevents Basement Water Problems

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Roofing

A few factors are the most relevant when it comes to problems with water leaking into a basement. A home located with ground sloping upward from the basement is vulnerable to rainwater running downhill. A house that was built on swampy land may need extra waterproofing service to prevent leakage when grass near the structure becomes waterlogged. Properly functioning drainage gutters are essential for most homes, as they direct water into spouts and then into extensions leading away from the building. Gutter Repair may become necessary to fix sagging equipment and gutters that have pulled out of alignment over time. Service technicians also can help prevent debris buildup by installing guards over the tops, or just over the top of downspouts.

Gutter Repair can prevent rainwater from cascading over the side of the drainage features during a downpour. Of course, unless gutter guards are installed, the home’s residents also must clean debris from the gutters now and then or hire someone to do so. Not everyone has a great deal of problem with accumulation in the trays, but trees cause havoc. They send down leaves, seeds, pine cones, evergreen needles and twigs. If water is left standing along with those materials, gutters become heavy and start to sag. Uneven trays result in more standing water, even when there is nothing holding it back from the downspouts. Often, these devices can be realigned and adjusted without having to replace them.

Rainwater saturating the earth around the foundation can cause serious problems. If it leaks into the basement, it can damage items down there and can lead to mold and mildew. Wet ground around a foundation can cause a basement to be perpetually damp. Shade from those trees that drop debris into the gutters prevents the water from evaporating speedily. As the ground stays wet, the basement wall may even start to bulge to a certain extent. Instead of dealing with these troublesome issues, homeowners may instead schedule an appointment with a contractor such as J.F. Baker’s Sons Roofing Company for gutter repair and improvement. Visit for more details on this particular organization.

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