Granite is a Popular Choice for Good Reason

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Home Improvement

There are many benefits to having granite counter tops installed in your kitchen or bathroom from both visual and functional perspectives. Granite provides things that traditional counter top materials can’t. There is one aspect that most homeowners find to be true above all others and that is that granite offers the ability to keep your counter tops looking exactly the same as the day they were installed for you, even after many years of use.

Why Granite?

The upkeep of Granite is incredibly simple, and it takes nothing more than a kitchen cloth to keep it looking bright and new. It stands up well to heat sources like a hot pot, so is perfect for a cooking preparation surface.

It is stone, so it won’t burn or curl like traditional counter top materials will. It also doesn’t absorb liquids, and it is very resistant to stains when it is sealed properly. This will stop things like warping or bubbling from occurring that happens with counter top mediums like wood or resin. Since granite doesn’t stain, your counter tops can stay looking new with minimal upkeep needed. The visual beauty of stone is that it also can’t be matched as no two slabs have the same patterns. Each slab is totally unique. When you speak to a company that offers custom granite counter tops in Kansas City, MO, you can update your kitchen or bathroom to look more modern.

The Stone Experts

Gaumats International has been working with stone for years and have been transforming homes in the area since 2005. During that time, they have earned their reputation for providing quality custom countertops. Visit their website to see why their customers are customers for life. The gallery will show the quality workmanship you can expect when you come to Gaumats International.

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