Get Those Sewer Lines Flowing Again With Professional Drain Cleaning in Dublin OH

One of the more common plumbing issues that property owners encounter is a blockage in the drains. This problem can occur for various reasons and may not completely stop the flow of sewage. The most common causes for drain problems include debris lodged in the pipe traps or gunk stuck in the main sewer line. Fixing the problem will depend on where the blockage is found. If the problem is a sink that will not drain while the toilets and other fixtures work fine, then the clog is probably in the trap. Drain Cleaning in Dublin OH for this particular problem usually involves disassembling the trap and clearing out the debris.

Pipe traps tend to be an easy fix, but a blockage in the main sewer line can be a lot harder. One reason for this is that the pipe can be difficult to access. Many newer installations will have an access vent, but older installations may require the removal of the toilet closest to the exterior. Accessing the pipe allows the use of tools like the video snake and pipe snake. The function of the video snake is to examine the interior of the pipe for problems such as cracks or root growth. Cracks in the pipe can occur when excess weight moves over it, but a more common problem is roots entering through the joints. One way to eliminate these issues is a plumbing solution known as a trenchless repair. This particular repair uses a sleeve inserted into the pipe, but blockages such as plant roots must be dealt with first.

The most common reason that a home will need Drain Cleaning in Dublin OH is the accumulation of solid waste matter on the pipe walls. This problem builds slowly, and it happens because the sewer line is a low-pressure environment. This means there are times when the sludge in the pipes may not be moving at all. Solid waste tends to accumulate around fittings because the pipe walls are uneven. Eliminating the problem may require multiple steps. The first is the application of a pipe snake, sometimes known as a rooting tool. This tool breaks off enough of the blockage, so the sewage moves again. Eliminating the remainder will usually require the use of water jetting.

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