Fire Restoration Companies Can Return Your Home To Its Original Conditional

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Restoration Services

After a fire, it is important to contact a fire restoration company as quickly as possible to begin the cleanup that is needed. Fire Restoration Companies are available 24 hours a day and understand the importance of a rapid response in these types of situations. They will arrive quickly, and immediately begin accessing the situation and drying the area.

Removing water is a top priority because mold can develop in a short amount of time and cause further damage to a home or business. The acid from the soot can immediately begin to rust metal and smoke can become embedded in the fibers of carpeting, couches, drapes, clothing and other materials. A rapid response by a fire restoration company will reduce the loss a home or business owner will suffer.

When The Restoration Company Arrives

Once the restoration company arrives, they will perform a thorough walk-through of a building and determine what areas need to be cleaned. Although the insurance company might recommend how the home or business is cleaned, the owner gets to make the final decision. Fire Restoration Companies will evaluate the work that needs to be performed and provide the owner with an estimate and a contract.

If an insurance company recommends a restoration service, an owner can use that company or a company the owner chooses. The contract will be between the owner and the restoration company.

Working With The Insurance Company

A restoration company will work with the insurance company and document any items that are removed from the home for cleaning or disposal. Any items that can be saved will be thoroughly cleaned and returned to the home. The restoration company will take care of providing removal of items that cannot be salvaged, including furniture, carpeting, wet drywall, wood, or items that have been charred.

A building will be returned to its original condition and any items that could not be salvaged will be replaced under the insurance coverage that is available. You can focus on rebuilding your life after a devastating fire and the restoration company will take care of the rest. For more information, please visit

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