Finishing a Bathroom with Glass Fixtures in Des Moines IA

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Home Improvement

Glass fixtures in a bathroom can determine the overall look and feel of the space. Two of the focal points of a bathroom are the shower and mirror. When shopping for Glass Fixtures in Des Moines IA, it is important to keep in mind the preferred result of the project. Is the goal a modern design or a more classic look? Is it okay to splurge or is beauty on a budget essential? Know more about what glass fixtures are available to make the shopping process easier.

Shower Door Options

Today, there are more options than ever for a stylish glass door to fit any decor. For a modern look, a frameless glass door is a popular option. These are made from tempered glass and do not require metal framing. The result is clean lines that show off the tile or hardware in the shower. It is important to note that frameless showers can be twice as expensive as metal-framed options.

Framed showers come in beautiful metal finishes that can look classic but updated. The metal frame also provides structural support, and framed showers can be much less expensive. There are also semi-framed options with minimal metal to provide a lower-priced option with a close to frameless look. Know what frame style is preferred before deciding on Glass Fixtures in Des Moines IA.

Mirror Options

When it comes to mirrors both size and style are important. Generally, a bathroom mirror should be one inch smaller on either side than the vanity. This creates a balanced look. For a double vanity, one can opt for one large mirror or a smaller one over each sink. Mirrors also come in frameless or framed options, although in this circumstance the more modern looking frameless mirrors are less expensive.

Some Final Thoughts

Once a budget for the project is set, play with options and combinations. Feel free to pair a frameless shower with two decoratively framed mirrors. Use the clean lines of a frameless mirror to allow a brushed copper framed shower to be the centerpiece of the room. Explore the options to find a combination to suit both the budget and feel desired.

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