Eliminate a Leak or Improve the Home With Quality Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Home improvement is a rapidly changing field, and this can sometimes make it difficult to decide on the best ways to upgrade. Unfortunately, this is not always a concern when parts of the home fail such as the Shingle Roofing. Failures with asphalt shingles occur for a variety of reasons including age, dry or brittle edges, wind damage, and random debris on the roof. Some of these failures are easily repaired. In fact, many roofing repairs can be made by removing the old or damaged shingles and installing fresh ones, assuming the original shingles are reasonably new.

There are several kinds of asphalt shingles, and the most common are the budget friendly, three-tab version. One reason for this is how often they get used by default. Most contractors use this product for new homes and many roofing specialists default to this option when an alternative material has not been specified. This particular product provides great coverage for a reasonable price at the expense of a shorter service life. The typical warranty on these roofing solutions will range from ten to twenty years and a few versions may offer warranties of twenty-five years.

An alternative for Shingle Roofing is the laminated shingle. This particular asphalt product can be installed anywhere the three-tab version can and it provides a higher degree of protection. Laminated shingles are made with additional material on the back of them. This is similar to creating a thicker shingle except the laminate is placed after the original shingle is made. This simple step gives the shingle more durability and strength. They also tend to have unique patterns so the roofing installation will look different from the surrounding homes. Laminated shingles typically have a manufacturer warranty for the life of the home.

If a classic style is preferred, then the composite shingle may be the solution. Composite shingles were designed to simulate the appearance of a slate roof, a very lofty goal since other attempts rarely come close. This is done by making the shingle area thicker and giving them unique edges. Reducing the number of common patterns and edges makes the final product appear real, at least from a small distance such as standing on the ground and looking up. Get more information by visiting the experts at domain URL.

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