Do You Need a Janitor?

If you own a business or company, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning crew. This can help to keep everything clean and organized. Although you can just hire one or two people to clean, you can also choose to hire professionals from a company. Before deciding if you need to hire professionals or not, you will need to determine if they provide the services you need. You can choose a company that provides superb janitorial services in San Jose.


If you only have employee bathrooms, this might not be as high of a priority. Although you should always keep your bathrooms clean and sanitary, a lot of customers will judge a business on the cleanliness of the bathroom. Professional janitors will clean the sinks, toilets, floors, and restock everything that is needed in the bathroom. They will also change all the trashes and clean mirrors. Many cleaners will use high powered cleaner on the toilets to sanitize them.


Most janitors will sweep, mop and vacuum floors daily. If you have hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors, they can also strip, wax and buff the floors. This can keep your floors looking pristine and new. You can choose how many times you would like your floors to have special treatments to keep your business aesthetically pleasing.

Set Ups

Some companies are even willing to set up a conference room after it is cleaned. If you have a big meeting coming up and you need the room to look a certain way, they can achieve this. Since many janitors work outside of office hours, this won’t affect your business or disrupt any customers.

Odd Jobs

Usually every couple of months, the cleaning crew will clean areas that don’t need to be cleaned every day. These can include any gutters outside, vents and sewage drains. Some companies have sewage drains that should be cleaned often enough that they don’t experience clogs. Hiring a janitor can help maintain a clean and organized work environment that will also make customers happy.

One of the best companies that offers janitorial services in San Jose is Maintenance Systems Management Inc.

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