Considering Aspects of Feng Shui When Placing Custom Mirrors in Columbus IN

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

Custom Mirrors in Columbus IN enhance the interior of a home, especially when the interior design addresses Feng shui elements. The principles of this Chinese philosophy involve creating harmony in design and the surrounding environment. The philosophy considers certain aspects to be essential for general well-being and positive effects. The placement of various items in the structure affects life force energy flow and balance, which in turn affects happiness, success, wealth and other factors.

An important detail in regard to mirrors in Feng shui is that the glass symbolically doubles what it reflects. The residents will want to carefully consider mirror placement, so the glass only reflects desirable influences and favorable qualities to be increased in the home and the individual’s or family’s lives.

A basic action might involve placing a mirror, so it reflects a lovely view of the outdoors. The mirror can be placed opposite a window looking out over gardens, trees or water features. This has the added advantage of making a room look larger.

If a mirror has to be in a bedroom because it is attached to a dresser, at least, it should not face anyone’s bed. It can be disturbing for someone to wake up and be faced with their image in the mirror. Some people even become afraid that they have seen a ghost in the mirror.

It’s important not to place mirrors where they reflect views that could be considered unpleasant. An obvious situation would be setting up a mirror that reflects the toilet area of a bathroom. Mirrors in bathrooms should be installed so they don’t reflect that particular feature. Mirrors also should not be placed on a wall outside the bathroom and opposite the bathroom door.

Custom Mirrors in Columbus IN are entirely suitable in areas where family and friends gather for socializing, fun and companionship. Living and dining rooms, as well as family rooms, are beneficial for creating reflections of the affection expressed there. Mirrors in dining rooms also symbolically double the amount of food served, which is a metaphor for abundance and health. Anything that someone would like to create more of in the home can be reflected in a mirror. After considering where mirrors would have the best placement in the home, Visit Kenny Glass Inc for details on custom mirror options.

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