Considerations When Deciding About Waste Removal Service in San Antonio TX for Apartment Complexes

by | Jan 2, 2019 | The House Development

A Waste Removal Service in San Antonio TX that picks up both trash and recyclable materials helps area residents behave in an environmentally friendly manner when they take out the garbage every week. These companies provide dumpster rental service to apartment complexes and other places that need a dumpster on the site at all times. Their customers can easily encourage those using the service to put their recyclables in the container intended for that purpose.

Recyclables and Trash Containers

Managers of apartment complexes sometimes have to monitor inconsiderate behavior by the residents in regard to dumpster and recycling container usage. For example, some residents may be so lazy that they won’t even deposit their bag of trash inside the dumpster. Instead, they set it alongside. Some refuse to separate the recycling materials, and those objects can be easily seen through a relatively clear garbage bag.

Finding a Waste Removal Service in San Antonio TX for dumpster rental that allows recyclables and trash to be placed in the same container is relatively easy for short-term use. The customers typically are emptying out an estate they inherited or tackling a big de-cluttering project in their own house. There are problems with combining routine residential garbage with recyclables in one bin, however. The workers at the facility then are forced to sort through trash that tends to be smelly and somewhat disgusting, consisting of rotting food, greasy paper towels and other unpleasant items.

Disposal of Large Items

The building owners may want to find a company that allows residents to dispose of relatively large items, like broken furniture, in addition to the regular garbage. The residents could be allowed to put a ratty old easy chair or a table with a broken leg next to the dumpster. Others prefer not to have such a large dumpster on the site and want it only for more routine use.

Rather than have such a large container there all the time, customers with a company such as Tiger Sanitation could have one brought to the site twice a year so residents could unload their bigger objects at that time. See to get started. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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