Affordable Nuisance Animal Control in Columbus OH

The presence of nuisance animals on residential and commercial property is increasing sharply. Loss of habitat, urbanization, a general decline in hunting and trapping, and changes in land use are drawing wildlife into towns and cities. Deer, raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes, beavers, and many others are searching for food, shelter, and safety. Some just happen to find themselves on private property and decide to check it out. These nuisance animals can be dangerous, destructive, and harmful to pets. Groundhogs in the backyard, for example, will dig up the lawn, get into the garbage, and may even attempt to get into the house via the dog door.

Removal of these animals calls for professional animal control in Columbus OH. Attempting to get rid of these nuisance animals alone can result in injury, frustration, and prolonged exposure to the situation. Affordable services are available by a combination of experienced professionals in different aspects of animal control. Licensed trappers, a nationally certified wildlife control professional, and several support staff work together using humane and environmentally friendly capturing techniques to trap animals. Once caught, the animals are relocated if at all possible. Some laws dictate that certain animals with specific health conditions be euthanized. An animal with rabies, for example, will be humanely put to sleep instead of relocated.

Costs for animal control in Columbus OH are up-front and flat rate. There is a service fee that covers a professional coming to the property. A price per animal fee includes removing the animal from the site, resetting the trap, and relocating the captured animal. Once the property is clear of nuisance animals, additional services are offered. An inspection of the buildings for damage, and restoration services are available. Clean-outs and re-insulation services are also available at affordable pricing. Property owners can Check us out online for details regarding capacities, animals trapped, and pest and insect removal services. Do not tolerate pests and wildlife on your property any longer than absolutely necessary. Contact professionals as soon as animals are suspected. For safety, do not approach any animal in the yard. Most animals will bite, claw, or spray when scared or threatened, which will result in injury, infection, or disease.

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