Advantages Of Installing A Laundry Sink

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bathroom Supply Store

Most homeowners choose to add a laundry room immediately if their home isn’t equipped with one. It makes sense to have a particular room that is designed for cleaning clothes, ironing, and folding. Whether you currently have a room devoted to cleaning clothes or you are creating one, a laundry sink is imperative. For one, you have the perfect spot to pre-soak your clothes and hand-wash. Most people go to the bathroom or kitchen for pre-soaking and hand-washing, but that takes more time and can leave a mess, especially if your kitchen sink is always full of dishes.

A laundry sink is also suitable for washing your hands if they get mucky from the detergent. You don’t have to risk touching doorknobs and your current clothes with sticky fingers to get to the bathroom or kitchen for washing. Along with such, you can also keep everything organised. Usually, the sinks have storage space underneath in the form of a cabinet. You can store all of your laundry soap and other necessities there, as well as clear off the counter so that you can fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. That way, laundry day is organised, and you can finish your task faster.

Mr Sink has a variety of products designed to help you live in your home more comfortably. A laundry sink is the perfect solution for the utility room, and you can find double, single, and inset tubs/sinks. You can also find skinny-fit designs, metal cabinets, gloss timber cabinets, and other styles. Therefore, you can choose to just have the sink itself and install it over your current setup or install a new piece complete with a cabinet. That way, you have storage areas and can make the laundry room a place for organisation, which ensures continuity and ease of use.

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