A Great Source for Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs

Windows are a great way to let light and sunshine into the interior of a home while also making an architectural statement with the home’s exterior. However, older windows can date the look of a home, be difficult to clean, be vulnerable to breakage, and create an opportunity for energy loss. One way to instantly improve the exterior and interior appearance of a home is with new windows. To be sure they are energy efficient and easy to maintain, consider Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs.

Old Windows Can Be Inefficient

If there is a draft by a window, that is a sign the window is losing energy, either because of the window itself or ill-fitting or improperly insulated window frames. Properly insulating existing doors and windows and replacing old windows and doors with energy-efficient models can result in a more comfortable home and tremendous energy savings. This is particularly true if old windows are single-frame style instead of insulated double-paned windows. Choosing Andersen Windows extends this environmentally conscious approach because Andersen embraces sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Old Windows Can Be Hard to Clean

Another problem with older windows is that they may be difficult to clean. Andersen Windows are designed with flip-down window sections, making it easier to clean the outside of even second- or third-story windows. Also, better seals can keep double-paned windows from getting condensation or dirt inside of them, which prevents a cloudy or dingy appearance.

Old Windows Are Vulnerable

Any type of glass window is vulnerable to breakage, but a well-designed window can withstand greater exterior forces, such as higher wind speeds. Another vulnerable point is the window frames. Traditional vinyl frames are known for being flimsy, but the wood or Fibrex composite frames from Andersen offer increased durability and age better than vinyl.

Where to Find Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs

Peakview Windows Siding & Stucco is Colorado Springs source for Andersen Windows. In addition to sales and service for new windows, window repair, and window replacement, Peakview provides a full range of services designed to improve a home’s exterior, including new doors, vinyl siding, and gutters.

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