A few tips on choosing the right windows for your home

The windows that are available for use today are very much different than they were years ago. If the windows in your home have seen better days, replacing them can add value to your home in the event you wish to sell in the future and have a significant positive impact on your heating and cooling expense.

There are a myriad of window styles, materials and features; so much so that choosing the right Milgard window in Salinas can be overwhelming. It is certainly best to take your time and understand the variables; after all, this is a major investment and you want the new windows to last for many years.

New or replacement?

Many homeowners do not fully appreciate the difference between new windows and replacement windows. New windows are used when the homeowner wishes to change the size or shape of the current window and replace it with a completely new unit. Although the price differential between a new window and a replacement window is not much, there will be additional work required to change the opening size which obviously adds to the total cost.

Replacement windows require no modification to the structure; all that is required is to remove the old window and replace it with a new widow. There is a financial benefit to adopting this approach.

Frame and sash material:

A major consideration when choosing a Milgard window in Salinas is the frame and sash material. By far, the most popular materials today are vinyl and wood. Aluminum windows are available but as they are less energy efficient they are not as popular. A new entrant into the market is reinforced fiberglass.

  • Wood: Wood is beautiful; it is also a very good insulator. The problem with wood is the need for considerable maintenance. Wood needs to be painted or stained often to prevent the ingress of moisture and eventual rot.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl windows have become the window of choice for most homeowners. The material is maintenance free, is a great insulator; is durable and reasonably priced.

Never forget, when you are buying windows you get what you pay for, when you opt for a Milgard window in Salinas you get an excellent product at a reasonable price.

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