4 Basic Home Decorating Tips

Not all people have a fine skill for decorating a home. But these tips should help you get a few of the basics right:

Rearrange your sofa and chairs

Don’t just toss together a sofa and chairs and expect them to work. You’ll want to arrange furniture in such a way that it invites conversation, says This Old House. You’ll want to make sure groups can easily converse. Factor this in when you’re putting accents and decorative pieces around the room so a piece won’t end up getting in the way.

Consider the flow of traffic

You’ll want to think about the foot traffic to and from the room as well. That way, you won’t end up putting pieces that might derail the easy and convenient access you and your family will want to enjoy.

Shop for the right home décor

When you shop for home décor in Coral Gables, it’s ideal to pick pieces in styles and designs that work well with the rest of your interiors. However, picking out pieces that provide dramatic contrast could also be a good move. It would all depend on your personal taste and style.

Layer that lighting

Don’t just put in ambient lighting everywhere and think your task is done. You’ll want to look for 3 types of lighting instead. There’s ambient lighting which is the kind of lighting that provides overall brightness and illumination in a room. Then you have task lighting which is often used over the kitchen island to help for preparing meals. And lastly, there’s accent lighting or lighting that is decorative and often one of the many pieces you can choose when you shop for home décor in Coral Gables. You might also want to put in dimmers in your hallway, bedroom or living room to achieve that soft, filtered glow in your home.

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