3 Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space

For those with walk-in closets, that much space to organize clothing, shoes, and accessories can be a dream. But not all closets are dreamlike; some are cluttered and disorganized to the point where a neat, tidy closet seems too far away even to fathom. Fortunately, there are an abundance of walk-in closet ideas here, there and everywhere, designed to maximize the use of the space while still keeping your closet clutter-free.

Hanging Accessories

By hanging accessories on the wall or the sides of shelving pieces, necklaces, hats, purses, and even shoes have a place to stay that’s out of the way and organized to boot. And by utilizing blank wall space or the sides of shelving, there’s potential room for a bureau or small drawers within the closet. The extra storage space allows room for undergarments, tights, slips, etc.

Rotating Closets

Dry cleaners have the right idea when it comes to utilizing space. Rotating closets are a fantastic walk-in closet idea, as the moving pieces allow for nearly twice as much storage room as traditional closets. With rotating closets, a frame is installed, allowing your clothing to rotate within the space, just like the massive frames in a dry cleaner’s. Because these carousels don’t require much space, you can double the storage space of your clothing with one, without adding any clutter to your closet.

Custom Shelving

If your space is small, consider building your storage racks. Shelving is relatively cheap to purchase and is easy to assemble, so making a weekend project out of cleaning up the closet isn’t too intimidating of a task. You can add shelves and drawers in the wasted space beneath your clothes, or slip them into corners or above the racks. There are lots of options when it comes to shelving, so do some research to get some ideas for your own space.

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