2 Important Points to Ponder Before a Window Replacement in Novato, CA

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Window Installation Service

It’s time to invest in new residential windows. That means making some decisions. Fortunately, a contractor can help the homeowner come up with the right choices. During those discussions, these two points need to be settled before the project can move forward.

Time for a Different Window Style?

If the homeowner has never been that crazy about the current window style, then arranging for a window replacement in Novato, CA, is definitely the time to make a change. A contractor can take a look at the home’s design and make suggestions for several different window styles. Perhaps the homeowner would be happier with casement or awning windows. Maybe sliding windows would fit right in with the home’s style and be easier for the homeowner to open and close. Together, it’s easy to explore the merits of each option.

Comparing Double and Triple Pane Glass

Along with the style, the type of glass used is also a key element of any window replacement in Novato, CA. Double pane glass is often the preferred choice these days, but it never hurts to find out what triple pane glass has to offer. A contractor can outline the benefits of each choice and relate them to the client’s needs. With that information in hand, it will be easier to choose the glass that’s just right.

Remember that the goal is to invest in windows that will last for decades. Along with these two elements, discuss things like window materials, energy ratings, and other essentials. In the end, the plan for those new windows will be just what the homeowner wants.

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