What To Know Before Doing Floor Refinishing in Manhattan

People with wood floors have to think about Floor Refinishing in Manhattan. Before starting a refinishing project, people have to do some research. They should know that there are three kinds of finish that can be used to refinish floors. Varnish is a finish that can darken over time and isn’t hard to repair. Polyurethane can be either a water or oil based finish. It’s not easy to spot repair but is great for areas that get a lot of traffic and moisture. It can also darken with age. Finally, there is a penetrating sealer. Although it isn’t nearly as durable as the other two types of finishes, it is the one that is the least difficult to fix.

So what else is there to know about Floor Refinishing in Manhattan? If a homeowner isn’t going to use New York Wood Flooring or a similar company to do their floor refinishing, they will need the right equipment to get the job done. Why buy equipment that might only be used once or twice? Before starting the job, people should price local equipment rentals in the area. In some cases, people don’t even have to worry about using sanders. Wood that doesn’t have a lot of scratches might not need a sander. This is why people use professionals. Professionals know whether or not a floor has to be sanded. Inexperienced people just guess.

When refinishing a floor, people have to keep in mind that oil has to be removed from floors before work can be done. What if a person isn’t sure if the oil has been used on the floor? Fortunately, testing the floor out is easy to do. Applying a small spot of finish on the floor will indicate whether or not oil is present. If the finish sets, there isn’t any oil on the floor. Oil can be removed from wood floors by using a cleaner that is designed to remove oil. It shouldn’t take long to remove oil from the floor, but it’s a very important step that can’t be overlooked. After the finish is applied, it should be allowed to set for at least a day. Moving furniture onto the floor prematurely can ruin the finish.

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