Obtaining New Ignition Keys To Get Into A Locked Vehicle


When a motorist discovers they had locked their keys inside of their vehicle, they will most likely want to gain entry as soon as possible. There are a few different ways a locked vehicle can be accessed so the motorist can drive away from the scene. Here are some options to consider.

Call A Dealership For Assistance

If there is a local auto dealership in the area for the model vehicle in need of unlocking, they may be able to assist with getting the motorist new keys. This is an option of the motorist has identification on their person to prove the vehicle is theirs. In some instances, the dealership may need to order keys, however. For this reason, it is best to contact the dealership via phone beforehand.

Find Out If Towing Services Can Help

Some towing companies offer lock-out services. If the motorist has roadside assistance, a towing company may be able to provide this service at no charge. In some instances there will be an additional charge for this service, so it is best to inquire about pricing when a phone call is made.

Call A Locksmith For Immediate Help

Many locksmiths are able to get motorists new ignition keys to get into their vehicle if it is locked. A call to the service to alert them of the make and model vehicle is necessary so they will be able to track down the necessary tools to handle the job promptly. A professional locksmith will be dispatched to the location and will get inside of the vehicle without causing it damage in the process. If keys are not able to be obtained, other methods are available to get into the vehicle.

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