Two Reasons You Need Professional Garage Door Repair in White Plains, NY

If you are a homeowner with a garage, then you are well aware of just how important the door is. It provides a safe refuge for your car and it keeps people from entering your home. Your garage door will also protect the interior of your home in the event of a storm, and it is certainly nice to have when it is raining outside and you want to get out of the car. These are just a few of the many benefits of a garage door, which is why it is such an inconvenience when it is broken. Here are two reasons why you might need garage door repair in White Plains, NY.

Broken Springs

You probably would not believe just how heavy a garage door actually is. In order to make sure that they stay properly balanced and in the right position, springs are necessary. These are incredibly resilient springs that we are talking about here. But, they do break. When they do, there is an obvious problem getting the door open and closed. Do not try to repair a broken spring on your own, as they can be extremely dangerous.

Misaligned Photo Eye

The photo eye is very important. It makes your door safe and keeps it from closing on a human or pet. If it senses someone in the way, it will immediately reverse course. However, it will not work properly if it is out of alignment. This is another reason you will want to get your door repaired.

These two reasons alone illustrate the importance of having someone you can trust to take care of your garage door repair in White Plains, NY. You will find such a technician at Action Lock & Door. They are true professionals when it comes to repairing all kinds of issues that can impact the performance of your garage door. You can learn all about them by visiting their website at

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