Three Signs You Need a Chimney Inspection Service in Greeley, CO

Hiring a chimney inspection service is not only something you should do, but is also a critical action that should be carried out at least once a year for the health and safety of those living in the house. Regular chimney inspections prevent dangerous situations involving carbon monoxide produced via the heating system of your home and much more. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association, and the National Fire Protection Associations strongly encourage homeowners to have their chimneys inspected each year to keep carbon monoxide at bay.

New Home

Even if the home is recently built and open to the public, you never know what type of problems could be waiting to cause trouble in the chimney. A professional chimney inspection service in Greeley, CO will ensure you get off to a safe start whenever moving into a new home. You could even get an inspection before you move to make an offer on the property. If the chimney is in need of repair, you will know the cost of repairing it and may be able to negotiate such repairs out of the cost for the property.


It could simply be that summer is about to end and winter is ready to make the long nights cold and uncomfortable, calling for the use of your chimney. Companies such as Advanced Comfort want you to remain safe and content in your home even during the worst winter storms, and perform inspections to make such comfort happen. The safety and health of your family will make a dreary night feel much more comfortable.


A chimney inspection service may also be in order if you notice a buildup of soot and ash on the inner walls. If there is enough buildup, a chimney fire could damage the chimney or spread to the home, causing potential injury and severe property damage. Smoke damage alone can cost thousands of dollars to correct. View website for more details about the best chimney inspection service in Greeley, CO.

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