Reclaim Your Home With A Bed Bugs Extermination Treatment

Despite their size, the mere mention of bed bugs is enough to scare most homeowners. These resilient, pesky little creatures like to hide in mattresses, box springs, furniture, walls and flooring. At night, they wander from their hiding spots to bite their unsuspecting victims. Although bed bugs don’t transmit any serious diseases, the red marks they leave on the skin can be very itchy and annoying. A professional Bed Bugs Extermination company can kill these tiny pests, allowing you to enjoy an undisturbed, relaxing night of sleep.

Identify Problem Areas

The first step in eliminating bed bugs is to locate the infested areas of a home. While they generally like to hang out in mattresses and box springs, the entire living space should be inspected. This will result in a successful elimination without the threat of frequent recurrences. A pest management team will check for common infestation signs such as red or rust stains on bedding, eggs, bed bug droppings and live bugs.

Spot Treatments for Minor Problems

If caught early, bed bugs may have only invaded one room or area of your residence. In these instances, a spot treatment can sometimes be enough to remedy the problem. This method is often used for treating bed bugs that have invaded the walls or baseboards of a property. The affected area is sprayed to quickly eliminate the bugs and help prevent further infestations.

Tent Fumigation is Safe and Effective

When bed bugs have taken over your home, a tent fumigation is recommended to kill both adults bugs and their eggs. A gas known as sulfuryl fluoride is used to suffocate and kill the bugs. This is not a type of poison and won’t harm your family or pets after treatment. Unlike some pesticide sprays, bed bugs won’t develop a resistance to the gas, resulting in a 100-percent success rate.

After treatment, the gas slowly evaporates, leaving no smelly odor or messy residue to clean. Gas fumigation is a safe way to treat all household items including bedding, toys, furniture and even dish ware. Heavily cluttered spaces can be quickly treated without the need for a time consuming clean-up afterwards.

If you suspect your home or business has been invaded by bed bugs, contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC today. This family-owned business has over 35 years experience in the pest control industry. In just one visit, you can eliminate the threat of bed bugs permanently. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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