Preventing the Need for Home Appliance Repairs in Pittsburgh, PA for the Washer and Dryer

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Appliance Repair

The owner of a washing machine and clothes dryer naturally wants to extend those appliances’ lifespans as long as possible. Taking specific steps can help do that. One of those steps is to call for Home Appliance Repairs in Pittsburgh PA promptly when the machine begins to malfunction, as worsening problems can lead to serious damage.

No Overload

Not forcing the equipment to work too hard is one of the most effective ways to keep the washer and dryer running for many years to come. Overloading either machine is a mistake people make that can shorten the equipment’s longevity. It might seem that stuffing the washer and dryer full of laundry saves money on electric and water bills, but this actually is not efficient.

Clothes, towels, and bed linens cannot get as clean when the washer is overloaded. Warm air cannot move freely through a dryer stuffed with damp laundry, so the process takes longer. The only thing a person might save is a bit of time when combining two loads into one excessively large load.

Hang It Up

Some individuals really dislike hanging up laundry because of the extra effort and the time it takes to dry. Nevertheless, if there is room to do so, hanging up the wash instead of always using the dryer can dramatically extend the life of that machine and prevent the need for Home Appliance Repairs in Pittsburgh PA. A related aspect is to avoid overdrying laundry. Often, it doesn’t take nearly as long to dry a load as people might think.

Deal With Lint

Simply cleaning lint out of the dryer filter after each use allows the machine to work more efficiently. The duct vent to the outside should be cleared of lint occasionally, as the bits of fabric can build up there too.

Level the Washer

Making sure the washing machine is leveled is essential for preventing damage to interior components. A washer that is making banging noises and moving from its original position can soon need expensive repairs. In some cases, the repair would cost more than a new machine. Technicians from a company like Company Name can level the washer if the owners are having trouble doing so. Like us on Facebook.

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