Eliminate Leak With Superior Roof Coating in Tucson

There are several types of roofing used in the Arizona area, but one style that has been around for ages is the bitumen-based flat roof. This style of roof is also more commonly known as BUR (Built-Up Roofing) in commercial circles. The roof works because there is a thin layer of decking placed on a slight gradient. This is where the low sloped roof gets another of its names, the flat roof, even though the structure possesses an angle. BUR may also be known as a low sloped roof. It’s an excellent way to protect a home, with a few exceptions. The first of these is Roof Coating Tucson.

The roof is built in stages, and the exact steps may depend on the structure. For example, large flat roofs are typically covered with an aggregate such as gravel, but smaller roof may simply have a bitumen coating for protection. The downside to such thin roofing protection is the need to replace or repair it every few years. As the Arizona heat and blistering sun dry out the sealing chemicals, they begin to crack and pull away. This exposes flashing, vents and even the decking to the elements. The solution is fairly easy, contact an expert such as Ralph Hays Roofing and have the roof inspected. While this may not fix the roof, it will determine the amount of damage and if a coating will be successful.

Another area where Roof Coating Tucson is often required is manufactured housing. Mobile homes and similarly constructed housing tend to have metal roofs with thin joints binding each sheet together. These seams and any edges should be coated with a sealing compound to avoid water damage. The methods for this type of repair will vary by the manufactured building. Many older models required the coating over the whole roof to prevent loss of any galvanizing on the steel. Modern roofs of this type usually require that only the seams are sealed so that water cannot seep inside.

The typical colors for these coatings are white, gray or tan which usually works well on older buildings. Click here to learn more about metal roofing installation or repair and the application of sealants.

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