Making Decisions About Garage Door Springs Replacement in Beckley WV

The garage door is getting more and more difficult to handle each morning. Finally, the homeowner calls a professional and arranges to have the door examined. The verdict is that there is a need for Garage Door Springs Replacement in Beckley WV. Here are some matters to settle before proceeding with the repair.

Is Installing the Same Type of Springs a Good Idea?

One of the first things to discuss with the professional is what type of springs would be best for the Garage Door Springs Replacement in Beckley WV. While it is true the old springs did a credible job for years; they may not be the best choice after all. The professional can make recommendations based on the design, weight, and age of the current door. In some cases, going with the same kind of springs will be the best choice. At other times, going with something different will make the door more efficient than ever before.

Is There a Difference Between Wind Springs?

As the professional will explain, the door design makes use of what is known as left and right wind springs. While they look a great deal alike, there are subtle differences that make it necessary to know which type of spring is required. Typically, these springs are color coded. This, along with a minor difference in appearance, makes it easy for the homeowner to see which spring needs to go where.

Increasing the Number of Springs

Some garage door designs rely on the inclusion of a single torsion spring. Others use two torsion springs. The professional can assess the door and determine if a previous property owner attempted to save money by modifying the door to only need one spring. If that is the case, choosing to get rid of the modification and to back to the original two-spring design is a good move.

For anyone who is having trouble with their garage doors, contact the team at Garage Door Operators Inc today. After examining the door and determining the origin of the problem, the professional will sit down with the client and discuss the merits of different solutions. Once a decision is made, the repair can get underway shortly.

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